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The idea of the project is to address the disadvantages of the sea monitoring systems: • lack of compatibility; • informational layers aren’t shared among the possible users; • hydroacoustic noise and oil pollution layers do not exist; • oil pollution predicting module is not still elaborated; • static nature and lack of capacity for precise picture; • lack of publicity. While addressing all the disadvantages the main objective is to enhance the Integrated Coastal Zone Management through establishment of an integrated informational system. The following outcomes are to be achieved: • hydroacoustic noise and oil pollution informational layers; • oil pollution prognostication module and decision making support; • operational model of a Zonal Integrated Monitoring System; • data integration system; • network of operational and publicity centers. The output is to be an integral, open for enlargement and distributed informational system for sea monitoring and decision support combining static and real time data.

Project promoter:

Project partnerships:
Black Sea Basin Directorate
Regional administration Varna

Project cost:
€ 1,147,655

Project number:

Project duration: 11 months

Start of the project: 13.07.2015